Newspaper reporters easily encounter compulsion

Newspaper reporters easily encounter compulsion

Websites designed to help people overcome their gambling addiction have recently been contacted by television-related manufacturers and reporters in order to get information about people who have been victims of forced abuse. In most cases, they seek people to come forward and share how their lives have been influenced by local gambling. In most cases people feel fear of family and friends and are therefore not willing to discuss how their lives were affected.

I have recently been contacted by BET nightly news. They asked for help locating people living in a particular geographical area whose lives were affected by games. Of the five people I found, everyone refused to discuss their situations or let anyone interview them for fear of recognition.

I have been lucky enough to meet people of different backgrounds and learn about their game abuse. They have allowed me to share their stories with others as long as I assure them that their names will be kept confidential. I have shared some of these situations with reporters and associates with the hope that the message would reach the politicians.

A politician I spoke with said he was trying to pass a law that would prevent people from using their credit cards to buy lottery tickets and scratch cards at local convenience stores. At first I thought it was a joke. People who want lottery tickets will receive them with or without a credit card. The teams must see the bigger picture. Most people who live within sixty miles or less from gaming establishments are adversely affected.

It has been about ten years since casinos opened in Connecticut. People spend more of their money there and not at local businesses and malls. Legislators must realize that casinos grow very quickly in size because of how much money people lose. The amount of money lost for gaming may have become used to increasing our economy instead.

Truth is political leaders love the revenue generated by casinos. This makes them welcome to voters because they do not need to increase taxes. Do the political leaders take care that the economy is adversely affected? Based on my knowledge and experience in this area, I predict that in less than five years, the destruction of game facilities will be seen. This can be prevented if people are trained and given the truth about this private addiction.

When I talked to reporters, I also asked why they did not disclose the direct relationship between the amount of growth the casino has and how much money people lose by playing. They have no answer. The media want to report to everyone about the one who wins one million dollars. The media fail to mention that casinos collect more than one million dollars a day from slot machines alone while reporting environmental day profits. It is this distorted view that sends people on the road to self-destruction by hoping to win big once only.

Operators at game facilities are very greedy people. In some states, ore places were recently introduced as a way of attracting retirees and lower-income families. They believe that the slots allow everyone to play as those who work with social security and welfare and not just the rich. The truth is that they do not care who they are hurting or how many lives are destroyed. The only thing I have learned is that all game facilities do not discriminate. If you have money, they would like to take it with a smile.

Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT ran a campaign where they sent out 50 dollar coupons in an attempt to bring people to the casino. In a week I heard from over fifteen people who actually used these coupons but lost somewhere from one hundred to over a thousand dollars for one single visit. Casinos know how to draw people. In order to avoid temptations, coercioners have been asked to be removed from the mailing list. Unfortunately, game institutions do not replay and will still send information, but not so often. During the holiday season, casinos sent out 400 and 100 dollar coupons to allow people to use any of the gift shops within their establishment. Because it is holidays, they know that players are playing gifts too, but when they get the player back to the casino, they are back on track. Is that unfortunate? Or was it just manipulation to get the player back?

Based on statistics, game dependence is on the go and the economy is in trouble. Is there a relationship between current economy and gaming facilities? When will politicians get up and help these people? It is up to the people to take a stand and hopefully the political leaders will rise and help these people out.

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